proporta education foundation


The Proporta Education Foundation (PEF) was established in 2008 out of a desire to help talented Sri Lankan children from poor families to remain in education. While schooling is officially free in Sri Lanka, things such as books, pens, paper, uniforms, as well as transport, are not free; if a family cannot cover these extra costs, it can mean that their child (or children) is unable to continue with formal schooling.

Many years ago, Proporta found its first manufacturer in Sri Lanka, and Proporta directors, Guy and Mike, both fell in love with the country. There have since been many trips around the beautiful island, and Proporta’s web developers and customers services now consists of a team of Sri Lankans based in the capital, Colombo, (giving them plenty of reason to return).

As Proporta grew, the team increasingly wanted to give something back to the Sri Lankan people and, some years ago, Mike and Guy began setting aside a portion of profits gained from Proporta with the intention of setting up their own charity.
This intention has since become reality: the charity is called the Proporta Education Foundation (PEF) and has now been running since 2008.


The PEF is a small and practically oriented charity that aims to help students who might otherwise have difficulties attending school because of poverty. It is a very efficient charity – all admin costs are covered by Proporta, as well as being kept to a minimum by Proporta’s Sri Lankan team who all give their time and help for free.

The result is that the PEF is able to make a proud and unusual claim…

Every pound which is raised by the PEF in the UK is a pound that lands with one of our students in Sri Lanka.

The PEF identifies the real, day-to-day challenges faced by its students – such as transport or lack of access to uniforms – and helps them to the best of its ability, offering just enough help where it’s needed, rather than a grand gesture.The majority of funding comes straight from Proporta’s profits but the UK team also raises money via the Proporta Tuck Shop, which sells a variety of snacks and sweets, thereby harnessing the team’s enjoyment of unhealthy food to make around £150 for the PEF. The company also engages in the occasional fund raising initiative such as the popular ‘no swearing day’ which saw staff paying fines for bad language.


Proporta guarantees that 100% of the contributed funds are delivered in full to the PEF charity. Proporta covers all the admin/running costs and this allows us to focus all of the contributions where they are most needed.
To get involved with our project of assisting Sri Lankan students through school, please click on the following link…