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You are about to scroll down to view few very poor families with a gem of a Kid who deserves all the chances to come up in life and that’s where Proporta Education Foundation will play its little role in supporting them.

Rukshan Ahmed

Rukshan Ahmed
Rukshan Ahmed the eldest of 4 is a very active and a talented little boy. However this poor boy’s family is supported by his single mother. His father does not look after or support his family. His younger sister passed away falling into a nearby well whilst playing at home. It brings tears to one’s eyes when we learn how this mother brings home extra cash to support the family in difficult times; This mother begs on the road along with her three kids at the signal post to bring in that extra cash, so that she can feed her family.

The same was confirmed by the neighbors and it was a mere shock for the tuk tuk driver Riyaz to learn that this little boy had actually passed with flying colors in the scholarship examinations.

He had prepared for the exam with the help of an oil lamp as they don’t have electricity facilities. He was one of the happiest kid’s the team encountered as he was really worried about his education and its future until PEF lended the helping hand to help achieve his dreams 🙂


Premkanth another cute boy with bags of talents has an unbelievable story with him. His mother is a Tamil lady who married a Sinhalese man. His father was shot 6 times on his head and was killed by the terrorists during war. When this happened Premkanth was just a 6 years old kid. He witnessed this brutal scene along with his mother and his little brother. His mother is now working for a small salary in the village.

Little Premkanth was one boy with a very sad story, yet managed to push back all this tragedy and the difficulties from his mind and concentrate on his education. His determination and hard work helped him pass the scholarship examination with a exceptionally good score, which enabled him to become an eligible candidate to come under the wings of PEF. We are one proud organization to have so many deserved students with us 🙂

Piyumi Buddika

Piyumi Little Pyumi’s father who was a driver passed away in an accident a few years back. Since then this poor family has been supported and taken care by the village temple. Pyumi has a sister who is elder to her, who is still schooling. Pyumi is a well deserved candidate with her excellent scores in the scholarship examination, which she managed to obtain with all the poverty and poor living conditions.

Sumudu Lakshan

Sumudu Lakshan Sumudu Lakshan, who’s mother passed away when he was only two years old. As a single parent his father has been looking after and supporting him ever since. Everyone knows how hard it is to play a role of a mother yet, this poor father did his best until he was paralyzed in his left side two years back which prevented him from working in his paddy field the main income source for this family.
Despite of all the difficulties this little boy managed to not only pass the scholarship examination but with a above average score.

This little boy wants to become a doctor some day and would love to own a computer. He is one of the students who never fails to keep in touch with our team and update us with all his activities – a nice little boy.

Roshan Sampath Marasinghe

Roshan Sampath Marasinghe
lives in a forest-like area with very limited access to basic amenities. He is a very smart boy and is doing really well at school. He tells us that his dream is to become a lawyer, his favourite food is rice and curry and his favourite subject is music. Roshan used to walk a total of 34km a day to go to school. His house is situated amidst a jungle in which wild elephants roam free. The PEF invested just US$30 to buy a bicycle for Roshan, enabling him to get to and from school in a fraction of the time. Roshan has told us that sometimes the wild elephants still mean he can’t make it into class on time. This is one problem the PEF couldn’t solve – and also an excuse which would be unlikely to work on most headmasters in England.

Roshan’s father, the sole bread-winner, supports a family of four children with an income of Rs.750 per month (about £4.50) from the cultivation of crops in the area. Basic facilities such as electricity are not available in the region. Roshan obtained forth position out of all the children who sat for the Grade 5 scholarship examination from his school.

Sashikala Vimukthi Dissanayaka

Sashikala Vimukthi Dissanayaka has five siblings and lives in a temporary house made from clay and coconut-leaf (you can see Sashikala’s house in the picture below). Her father, being the sole bread-winner, earns a total of Rs.2,500 per month (about £15). The house is about 15km from the main road and the family has a struggle to get basic necessities.

Sashikala’s school ranking for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam is 3 and her national ranking is 541. Her end-of-term exam results, ranging from 85% to 100% in all subjects, demonstrate her talent and her enthusiasm for learning. Sashikala’s favourite subject is Sinhala and she wants to one become a teacher in her village. She is not sure what her favourite food is but says it’s probably rice and curry – no surprises there.

Deshani Apsara Abeyratne

Deshani Apsara Abeyratne’s
has her heart set on becoming a doctor. An outstanding pupil, her favourite subject is Sinhala. Deshani’s father ensures her education with an income of just Rs.2,750 a month (£15) from the sales of his crops, which he manages to cultivate with a two-fingered right hand. Deshani excels in all of her school subjects and came third out of the children who sat for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam in 2008. She was awarded first place in the art competition held by the PEF in December 2009 and her design (shown below) was used for Proporta’s Christmas cards in 2009.

Tharindu Lakshan Widuranga

Tharindu Lakshan Widuranga
is adamant that he will one day become a lawyer. His favourite subject is music and he loves playing cricket. His father left when he was a little boy, so he lives with his mother, who works in a banana plantation near their house. Tharindu ranks first in his class following the end-of-term examinations and also has an interest in art (below you can see the painting he did for the PEF Christmas card competition in 2009, in which he came third). A picture of him and his mother in their half-built house is also shown below. When we asked him about his favourite food he giggled and astounded everyone by announcing that it was not rice and curry but ice cream!