Rukshan Ahmed

Rukshan Ahmed
Rukshan Ahmed the eldest of 4 is a very active and a talented little boy. However this poor boy’s family is supported by his single mother. His father does not look after or support his family. His younger sister passed away falling into a nearby well whilst playing at home. It brings tears to one’s eyes when we learn how this mother brings home extra cash to support the family in difficult times; This mother begs on the road along with her three kids at the signal post to bring in that extra cash, so that she can feed her family.

The same was confirmed by the neighbors and it was a mere shock for the tuk tuk driver Riyaz to learn that this little boy had actually passed with flying colors in the scholarship examinations.

He had prepared for the exam with the help of an oil lamp as they don’t have electricity facilities. He was one of the happiest kid’s the team encountered as he was really worried about his education and its future until PEF lended the helping hand to help achieve his dreams 🙂

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