Sashikala Vimukthi Dissanayaka

Sashikala Vimukthi Dissanayaka has five siblings and lives in a temporary house made from clay and coconut-leaf (you can see Sashikala’s house in the picture below). Her father, being the sole bread-winner, earns a total of Rs.2,500 per month (about £15). The house is about 15km from the main road and the family has a struggle to get basic necessities.

Sashikala’s school ranking for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam is 3 and her national ranking is 541. Her end-of-term exam results, ranging from 85% to 100% in all subjects, demonstrate her talent and her enthusiasm for learning. Sashikala’s favourite subject is Sinhala and she wants to one become a teacher in her village. She is not sure what her favourite food is but says it’s probably rice and curry – no surprises there.

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